Introduction to the France Genomic Medicine Plan 2025 (PFMG 2025):

The France Genomic Medicine 2025 Plan, launched in 2016 by the Prime Minister and supported by AVIESAN, aims to integrate genomic medicine into the healthcare system. It should enable a large number of patients to benefit, thanks to the routine sequencing of their genome, from more personalized diagnostic and therapeutic care.

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Pre-indications for whole genome sequencing in the MaRIH network:

Since 2020, the immuno hematological rare diseases health sector has included 4 pre-indications for whole genome analysis. You will find below the links to these pre-indications, with the inclusion criteria:

Pre-indication Hereditary immune deficiencies in adults and children

Pre-indication Severe chronic neutropenia with and without co-morbidities

Pre-indication Medullary aplasias and hypoplasias

Pre-indication Histiocytosis without BRAFV600E mutations

Each request for pre-indication will be studied in RCP by the reference center concerned. If the SPC validates the pre-indication, the requesting physician can make an e-prescription on one of the two sequencing platforms:

– on the SPICE tool for the Nord SeqOIA platform

– on the HYGEN tool for the Sud Auragen platform

Find all of the rare disease pre-indications for access to genomic diagnosis on the PFMG 2025 website.