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Monoclonal gammapathy of renal significance: a diagnosis not to be missed (Dr Vincent Javaugue)
A 58 year old man is hospitalized for IMO with asthenia and dyspnea of progressive aggravation, progressing for 6 months.
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Aplastic Anemia (Pr Régis Peffault De Latour)
A 39-year-old patient presents to the ER with pancytopenia. Myelogram shows poor marrow.
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Bradykinin-Mediated Angioedema (Dr Isabelle Boccon-Gibod)
Mrs. A., 38 years old, comes to see you for repeated angioedema. She has no particular medical history. She’s on an estrogen-progestin pill. She is a researcher in fundamental physics.
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Coughs and eosinophils (Dr Jean-Emmanuel KAHN and Dr Guillaume LEFEVRE)
A 77-year-old patient consults for asthenia, a weight loss of 8kg in 6 months and a persistent cough for 2 months. He was born and lives in Benin.
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A deep aeraemia… (Dr Nathalie ALADJIDI and Dr Stéphanie DULUCQ)
4 year old boy, Moroccan, born full term, eutrophic, with no family or personal history of dysimmonia.
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Pigmentary hives can tell a whole story (Dr Marie-Olivia CHANDESRIS)
A 58 year old male, entrepreneur in industry, active smoker (35PA), on aspirin 500mg /d due to old pruritus is being investigated for peripheral polyadenopathy.
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An unusual sinus histiocytosis (Dr. Lionel GALICIER)
A 52 year old woman of Turkish origin living in France for 12 years is referred to our department for anaemia and tumour syndrome.
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Knowing not to stop at the diagnosis of Castleman’s disease (Pr Eric OKSENHENDLER)
A 31-year-old male is referred for assessment of cervical lymphadenopathy. Leukocytes are 22,000 /mm3 of which 85% PN Hb: 15.5 g/dL and Platelets: 352,000 /mm3.
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