Do you have a rare immuno-hematological disease and are you asking questions about your possible risks in the context of an outbreak at Covid 19?

– Not every chronic disease carries an increased risk of serious virus-related illness and advanced age remains the main factor.
– Scrupulously adopt the widely disseminated “barrier” measures (Wash hands regularly – Cough into your elbow – Use a single-use handkerchief – Do not shake hands or kiss).
– Do not stop your treatment without medical advice from your referring specialist.
Stay at home except in case of first necessity, requesting remote consultations as much as possible.
– For any information, you can refer to the government site or call the toll-free information number: 0 800 130 000

– For patients with immune deficiencies:
Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
– For patients with bone marrow aplasia and HPN :
Recommendations from the reference center;
Prospective survey on the impact of COVID-19 on stem cell transplant recipients
EBMT recommendations
– For patients with langerhansian pulmonary histiocytosis:
Recommendations from the reference centre
– For patients with Thrombotic Microangiopathies (TMA) :

Recommendations from the reference centre for autoimmune TTP, congenital TTP and atypical HUS

Patient management chart PTT COVID-19

– For child and adult patients with mastocytic pathologies :

Recommendations of the reference centre

– For patients with AL amyloidosis:

Recommendations from the reference centre


⚠ For further information :
– Ministry of Health and Solidarity: More information
– European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control: More information
– World Health Organization: More information
– Johns Hopkins CSSE: More information

For more information on Covid-19 Coronavirus:
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