The centre of reference for autoimmune cytopenia in adults was given "rare disease centre" status by the French ministry of health in 2005. This status was extended following an evaluation carried out by the same ministry in 2011. It aims to facilitate the treatment of adult patients suffering from idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, hemolytic anemia and Evans syndrome, which combines both of these pathologies. It includes a coordinating centre of reference in Créteil at the Henri Mondor university hospital (internal medicine department of Prof. Bertrand Godeau) and it works closely with the pediatric centre of reference, for which the coordinating centre is in Bordeaux (pediatric hematology department of Prof. Yves Perel). The network of the centre of reference for autoimmune cytopenia in adults includes 6 centres of reference associated with 19 competence centres that cover the whole of France. One of the main objectives of the centre of reference is to give patients suffering from these orphan pathologies access to treatment via a network of experts through the entire country. The centre of reference also lays down good practice by taking part in drawing up recommendations for treating and diagnosing these pathologies at national and international level. It serves as a place of last resort for patients suffering from the most severe forms of the disease. It takes an active role in clinical and translational research, helping patients to have access to new molecules. This research is carried out in cooperation with industry, and is also funded by institutional assistance (PHRC, ANR etc.). It also plays an important role in epidemiological surveillance, carrying out several prospective registers. Finally, it works closely with patient associations, in particular O'Cyto.

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Speciality : Adult Pediatric