The low incidence rate of thrombotic microangiopathies (TMA), the level of expertise required to treat it and the severity of the pathology, which is immediately life-threatening for the patient, have fully justified setting up a dedicated centre of reference to help provide a diagnosis, to organise treatment, and to optimise multi-disciplinary follow-up of patients while carrying out clinical research, so that better overall patient care and follow-up can be achieved.
The severity of TMA can be immediately life-threatening for the patient. However, with effective treatment, these patients can have an excellent prognosis. It is, therefore, necessary, to know how to recognise these diseases to quickly come up with a diagnosis, and to start suitable treatment as a matter of urgency.
In 2006, a centre of reference for TMA (CNR-MAT) was set up, thereby making it possible to identify competence centres throughout France able to offer sometimes extensive and costly treatments as an emergency and to conduct clinical or translational research projects in partnership with the centre of reference.

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